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Friday, February 17, 2006

NMF: Shuffle Play

I've just been on the road so dang much and out of the office at meetings even when I've been around that I've just not been able to jam to much new music the last couple weeks. I've got a stack of new music CDs that have been sent to me and several iTunes album email suggestions, none of which I've listened to yet.

So today I'm doing a throwback to the original NMFs in which I used to simply highlight a handful of songs that come up on my iTunes shuffle mode.

Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk -- Rufus Wainwright
Makes me think of that movie from Jim Jaramusch called "Coffees and Cigarettes". I found this song on David Byrne's net radio station (part of the dot revolution, of course...push doesn't die, it just becames much less important than pull...). Rufus has a sweet, gentle sound, and this is a pretty song. Good song to throw out in the middle of a party to shake things up.

Between the Bars -- Elliott Smith
Another pretty, introspective diddy from this cool cat. We're downloading a bunch of cover songs from Elliot of www.elliottsmith.com right now that we just found. Will review them later too.

La Grange -- Phish
About the tenth song I ever learned on guitar. And Phish does it damn well. Though nobody can touch ZZ Top's original.

Tiny Dancer -- Ben Folds
Man, does he do a great cover of this song, or what. "Jesus fre-eaks, out in the streets, handing tickets out for God!" Always loved that line. Hmm, that makes me think of another song, that I haven't downloaded off iTunes (and won't), but I'll highlight it anyway...

Wooden Jesus -- Temple of the Dog
"Can I be saved? Spent all my money on a future grave!"

Raisans -- Dinosaur Jr.
DJ is one of my biggest influences, musically speaking. I remember I was so excited to see them in concert the first time. They were so ridiculously loud, I had to leave the club. And I even had earplugs in. And I don't mind really loud music. Rock stars indeed.

Til next time. Rock on!

PS. Here's the homepage for the great FT Google debate.


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