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The Cody Blog: LLT: Don't Demoralize the Public

Friday, March 24, 2006

LLT: Don't Demoralize the Public

Last night, Barry Ritholtz and I stood on the side of the set as Larry Kudlow opened his show with a segment about the FCC and censorship of the airwaves. Several times in the discussion, Larry asked why, regardless of whether the FCC has the right or not to censor, CBS is putting a show on that entails teen orgies in the first place.

It got me thinking: why do I cuss on my blog?

After the dude from the Ayn Rand Institute's commentary (a not for profit institute, I might add, which makes it one of the single most hypocritical institutions in the history of hypocrisy) one of the points I wanted to make during that discussion was that, by far, the most popular sites on the Internet are indeed sites like aol.com, yahoo.com, google.com, cnn.com and so on, none of which stray very far from what most Americans (including the FCC) would consider decent.

Larry's comments made me think back to when I was playing high school basketball and my coach's son would be around us players all the time. I loved -- heck, love -- that kid to this day. But I remember I sometimes would feel ashamed when I'd cuss in front of him. I don't cuss in front of kids. More to the point, I've long argued that, unless it's personal in nature, anything you say you should be able to say in front of anyone -- kids, your girlfriend's mom, whomever. You know what I mean? I usually say that to people when they use a racial slur in front of me: "Hey, that's cool if you want to say that. But I hope that I don't accidentally call you out about it next time we're playing hoops in Harlem."

So the more I thought about Larry's point that we "shouldn't demoralize the public", the more I got to thinking that there's not much reason to cuss on my blog. At least not unless there's an actual point to the cussing itself. It's not like I can't keep it clean and still make all my points.

So that's this week's Life Lesson Thursday. And yes, I know it's Friday. But I couldn't get back to write this last night, as I had a business dinner straight from the studio.

And technically, this could be considered the FIRST ever pure Life Lesson THURSDAY. Because I LEARNED this one just yesterday. On Thursday. LLT indeed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

swearing and even orgies may be written into shows simply because they are trying to depict real life. people swear a lot in real life. that's the fact. as far as teenage orgies go, they happen too (although I was never fortunate or is it unfortunate enough to experience one). why did spielberg have to do that Schindlers List movie? Talk about demoralizing. It happened. Don't sugarcoat it. I agree most swearing is not necessary but sometimes it makes the best point. Pissed off vs. angry? c'mon which really gets the point through better? And the 'F' word arguably has more uses than any word in the English language. Just ask a comedian who certainly won't demoralize you by using it.

3/25/2006 12:05:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good life lesson, Cody. Noone will ever think less of you because you don't use profanity.

I've been cursing more lately for what I felt were good reasons. You've inspired me to cut it out.

Jason B

3/27/2006 06:37:00 PM  
Blogger Cody Willard said...

Sorry i've been remiss in answering some of the comments lately. I try not to, but I do run out of energy sometimes.

First Anon, The F word is fine when appropriate. But I was using cuss words in general at times when it was inapproriate and excessive.

Jason B,
Hey! Sorry I missed your earlier query of where that hoops picture was taken. It was taken at Texas Tech's gym in a dunk contest I entered. Got to the finals but didn't win it.
And, also, Jason thanks for telling that this post inspired you. That's both flattering and exciting to know. I got a lot of great emails about this post too.

Thanks, all.

3/28/2006 04:39:00 PM  

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