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Friday, March 10, 2006

NMF: Pearl Jam

Before I start today's New Music Friday, can someone explain to me how come Apple, which we all pretend is a bastion of smart design, can't keep their "play" and "pause" indicators consistent between iTunes and the iPod? Ever notice that when iTunes is playing a song, the "play button" shows a "pause symbol" which I guess is supposed to tell us what will happen if we push that button: the music pauses. On the other hand, when your iPod is playing a song, the indicator on the screen shows a "play symbol" which I guess is supposed to indicate that the iPod is indeed playing a song.

Not that it really matters, I guess, but it does sorta remind me of when I get a resume from someone and they put periods after some of their bullet points but not others. Or they use full sentences in some places and not in others. I guess, despite all my rants to the contrary, maybe I like convention, at least convention in the form of consistency.

Anyway, today's NMF is a highlight of my favoite Pearl Jam songs.

Pearl Jam is one of the greatest jam bands of all time --- and I can't say I'm too much into jam bands aside from Pearl Jam. Looking back, I think I was always a player hater of the kids who had enough money, time, or whatever to follow around DMB, Phish, etc and I've not been to a lot of "jam" band concerts. Still sorta' am, frankly, but that's my issue, not theirs. Anyway, of all the jam bands that I do like and listen to, Pearl Jam's by far my favorite.

When I first started learning guitar I'd jam to PJ and their entire Vitalogy album is probably about the only songs that I've ever been able to figure out by "ear". I think I have player hater issues about people who can just listen to a song and know right away what the chord sequences and even what key it's in. Wow, have I ever digressed on this one.

So, Pearl Jam rocks on the cover front. My favorite covers of theirs (and we'll come back Monday and put links to these songs on iTunes --- have to run to the airport right now and Kelly's headed to Mexico for a week of fun) are:

I Won't Back Down (Tom Petty's great jam)

I Am a Patriot (Written by Sopranos star, Sprinsteen jammer, and certainly one of my idols in life, whom I've quoted in my slogan slot above before, Steven Van Zandt)

Baba O'Reilly (PJ jamming on this great Who jam? Are you kidding?)

(PS. Every version I've ever heard them do of the Beatles' "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" is strangely horrible).

My favorite original songs of theirs includes: Rearviewmirror (I really did tear up the first time I heard them sing this song live..."First on my plate, swallow it down" Tough stuff.)

Corduroy (Used to listen to this song full blast in my car on the way to the Pit to play (ie, sit) a game. By the time we'd be out doing warm ups, I'd be doing my double touch the glass reverse dunks...in warm ups --- believe it or not, true story)

Glorified G (Just a great, beautiful song with amazing guitar weaving)

And of course, the original, where it all started, "Alive". It doesn't get much better than that. (and though I've spent scores of hours trying to, it's another song I've never been able to figure out by "ear". Oh, that kills me too.)


Blogger Jeff Bagley said...

Ahh, I can handle this one.

In iTunes, the pause symbol is shown when you are playing a song. If you want to pause it, you of course click the pause button.

But on the iPod, if you want to pause the song, you don't touch the screen, do you? (Not yet, anyway.) No, you hit the pause button!

3/10/2006 09:57:00 PM  

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