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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Cody Jams on Friday

Gonna start publishing an iMix every Friday on this here blog. (This Friday's tunes are hitting ya' a day early):

Down by the River (Neil Young) -- This song spoke to me when I was in college. Dunno why. Just love the guitar I guess.

Concertina (The Mars Volta) -- Deep. Intense. Hard core.

Through the Wire (Kanye West) -- Very cool jam.

Hurt a Long Time (Jerry Cantrell) -- Jerry's guitars and melodies are simply great.

Revoluton (Blazin' Squad) -- This song is a different version than the one on the Moo LAN Rouge soundtrack. I dig the lyrics.

Baba O'Riley (Pearl Jam) -- One of the greatest rock songs ever. Covered by one of the greatest rock bands ever.

Spit on a Stranger (Pavement) -- One of my college gf's took me to a Pavement concert once. I declined the doobie that was making its way in the crowd. But I sure do like Pavement's music.

Estoy Aqui (Shakira) - Shakira....what a talent. And this one's my favorite of hers.

Winter (Tori Amos) - Haunting, beautiful song.

New Thing (Enuff Z'nuff) -- Great tune from a hair band that went nowhere. But didn't they collaborate with Smashing Pumpkins or something once?

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