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The Cody Blog: The Cody News (March 29, 2005)

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Cody News (March 29, 2005)

Suspect Arrested in Minnesota Shootings
If guilty, hang 'm.

Annan may be down, but he's not out, says UN Oh, is there any worse bureacracy than the UN? Let's dole out billions in subsidies that help hold people down and pay well-connected people too much money and put them up in the poshest places with their own multiple Mercedes to drive around in, while the people in the developing world that they're supposed to be helping starve and scrounge. Meanwhile, we better make sure Nike doesn't build a factory to create upward mobility and access to health care and technology in cultures where brushing teeth is a luxury. Sigh.

On a related note:
Second civil trial begins in church sex abuse cases
Just sick.

High Court to settle big file-sharing suit
As I've written many, many times, enabling technology is not illegal. It's the criminals who use the technology in criminal ways that should be punished and curbed.

Bogut eyes NBA success
Remember when people used to say stuff like, "Athletes should finish their education before going pro"? What a crock that idea is. Make that money while you can, brutha.

Greenberg out; Buffett to be questioned I hold Buffett in perhaps unrealistic esteem. I sure hope he's not going to end up another fallen idol.

ISPs share hacker info
Ahh, yeah, boyeeee. Go get those mofo's!


Anonymous joeblue3 said...

Your picture offers the most textbook "bird" that I have ever seen. The only deduction I see is your pinky finger is a little askew. Perhaps an old injury from basketball??

By the way, in the South, the thumb stays in.

3/29/2005 12:13:00 PM  
Blogger Cody Willard said...

That's funny. See, I'm "flipping it", in the picture, ala the description of the blog.

Yeah, dislocated my pinky on the rim once trying to block a shot. Popped it back in and kept playing, but it's rather messed up these days.

3/29/2005 01:12:00 PM  

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