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Monday, March 14, 2005

Man Up

I played hoops this weekend for the first time in probably a year, I'd guess. I was quickly reminded as to why I don't play very often anymore -- I don't dominate like I used to. It's frustrating to go out there and compete but not to kick ass and take names.

Speaking of taking names, at one point during the game two guys on my team got confused as to who was covering whom and the opposing team had a lay up off the play. The problem was simply that one of the two confused culprits on my team didn't hollar out at the other guy about a pick and rotation through the lane. I guess he didn't realize he needed to, as he just assumed the other guy would see it and realize it too.

Sorta' like how in a relationship, we so often fight when one party just doesn't realize that the it needs to communicate its feelings about a topic -- usually when there's been a change in those feelings -- to the other party. The resulting confusion ends up in a fight over who shoulda been covering that dude who just threw it down for two -- if you stretch the analogy.

Prob is that it takes work to communicate things. You have to open up those topics and sometimes that's not fun and sometimes feelings get hurt just by bringing up the topics.

Anyway, I'm sore as hell today, courtesy of the hoops.


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