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The Cody Blog: You Cody News (March 4, 2005)

Friday, March 04, 2005

You Cody News (March 4, 2005)

Key Witness in Ukraine's Gongadze Murder Case Found Dead
For all the problems we'll be fixing in the US political system over the next twenty years, the gangster-laiden and corrupt political systems in places like the Ukraine and Russia are a stark reminder of how wondrous the US political system remains.

New Species of Tiny Humans Were Smart, Brain Study Reveals
Some specious science and stretchy so-called scientific conclusions in there, but fascinating stuff.

Greenspan Calls for Simpler Tax Code
Please! Pretty please with sugar on top! No more subsidies and deductions for boats in the Atlantic and beverage investments gone awry.

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Click on it, you'll see. Fine, she's out. Please, media, don't go overboard with exposure. Yeah right. JFK Jr, anyone?

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I love you too, Mom!


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