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The Cody Blog: The Cody News (April 19, 2005)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Cody News (April 19, 2005)

Smoke to Announce New Pope Dates to 1800s

Newsday - By The Associated Press. Cardinals sequestered in the Sistine Chapel to elect a pope use an iron stove and its narrow metal chimney to announce their decision. Black smoke means they have failed; white smoke means they have succeeded. ...
Maybe companies can start announcing their results using smoke signals. White smoke means strong results, black smoke signals a blow up.

The WiMax quiet revolution: BT's on board

Silicon.com, UK - 27 minutes agoIntel's Mr WiMax – Scott Richardson, GM of the broadband wireless division – has been touting the possibilities of the long-range internet access ...

Funny how the article starts off talking about the industry people "touting" the technology....but it's a "quiet" revolution.

Researchers: Early universe liquid-like

Newsday, NY - BY BRYN NELSON. Brookhaven National Laboratory scientists said Monday that a new type of matter produced from a giant atom smasher ...


Happy People Are Healthier, Study Suggests

Scientific American - The song "Don't worry, be happy," could double as sound medical advice, the results of a new study suggest. Whereas previous research had linked depression with an increased incidence of health problems, the ...

Or should it be: "Healthy people are happier"?


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