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The Cody Blog: The Great and Powerful Stomach

Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Great and Powerful Stomach

My friend, the Unknown Broker (yes, the Unknown Broker is a real entity, sorta like the Lone Ranger), just sent me the following email:

You know how it works. I feel sick, I want to vomit. The market rallies.

(And an amusingly high percentage of the time it actually works out. Oh, you think it’s amusing do you? You enjoy my pain? You sadists. The things I endure for you people.)

Last time I did this (on March 29th at the close) the market rallied 130 the next day.

I’m at Adam’s apple level right now and feeling light-headed.

The Unknown Broker, aka “The Great and Powerful Belly”

Dow 10,309

P.S. Not to be construed as a recommendation. For entertainment purposes only. Remember the Bloch comments from earlier regarding support levels.

P.S.S. Still, my stomach is a sometimes a guru.

Speaking of the Lone Ranger -- why doesn't TVLand or Nick at Night or somebody pick that show up? Do we really need eight channels showing re-runs of Cheers back to back to back?


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