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The Cody Blog: You Cody News (April 7, 2005)

Thursday, April 07, 2005

You Cody News (April 7, 2005)

Iraq Inaugurates First Non-Arab President in Modern Times
You do realize that we live in a time where an Arab country has elected a non-Arab to lead it and a black woman is one of the front runners for the Republican nomination in 2008. Wow, what a wondrous time to be alive!

"Toumai" is indeed oldest known hominid
We've sure come a long way.

Sony 'brain beam' patent
What reality?

IBM promotes opening up of IP
IBM flipping it when it comes to how to use intellectual property. Fascinating.

NY AG Buys Google Ads On Keywords Of Company He's Investigating
That's just wrong. At least we can clearly acknowledge that his fervent activity as an AG was in large part a stepping stone to a political career -- positive ramifations of his activity notwithstanding.


Anonymous Theofanis Lekkas said...

Isn't this Spitzer's m.o. though? When the m.f. timing "scandals" broke I was on board with him. It took at total of two weeks before I thought he was just another thug in a suit (a very well tailored and nice suit, but thug none-the-less.) There is nothing right about this guy. My guess, he wants to be FDR of the 21st century.

Theofanis Lekkas

P.S. Nice blog.

4/08/2005 12:26:00 PM  

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