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Friday, May 20, 2005

Bringing a New Word to the Trash Talking Lexicon

If you're offended by the the manor in which certain words are formed when describing certain acts, also known as cussing, please stop right here and don't finish this post.


But, out on the street courts Wednesday night with some older kids, we were talking trash to each other, and of course, everyone is still using the ol', "Beeatch" term when talking trash. As in, "Go ahead and try to bring that shit in here, beeeatch."

So at some point, after I scored and I was in the middle of making three threes in a row from the top of the key in a game of 21, I was talking some trash to someone who was saying I couldn't make the third one. So I said, as I released it: "Give it up, punk. You can lick my beeawls."

We all cracked up and used that saying the rest of the night. I think it's a keeper.


And yes, I won the game against these HS seniors. And no, I can't throw games against even kids, as I don't ever want to let losing get in my head if I don't have to. LOL Sorta' kidding. Sorta.


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