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The Cody Blog: The Cody News (May 10, 2005)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Cody News (May 10, 2005)

Russia, EU Strike Partnership Accord
Washington Post - 3 hours ago
By HENRY MEYER. MOSCOW -- Russian President Vladimir Putin and top European Union leaders hope a new partnership accord will draw a line over an acrimonious year since the EU expanded further into Russia's traditional sphere of influence. ..
Colloboration and partnerships around the developed world. I rightly complain about how messed up most of these deals are, but on the other hand...does anyone else out there realize how amazing it is that we've gone nearly 2 generations without a major war in Europe?

Remember the Kremlin
Washington Post - 54 minutes ago
By Howard Kurtz. There was a time when a meeting, any meeting, between the POTUS and the leader of Russia would be the top story across the media landscape. That's no longer the case, and only in part because ...


North Korea Steps Up Rhetoric Over Nuclear Talks
Voice of America - 1 hour ago
By Luis Ramirez. As the United States and China renew their calls for North Korea to return to nuclear talks, Pyongyang is stepping up its rhetoric and pledging to defy any pressure for it to disarm. Throughout ...
Let's hope this truly is mostly rhetoric.

Critical flaws found in Firefox
BBC News, UK - 4 hours ago
The Mozilla Foundation has said it is "working aggressively" to fix two flaws in its open source Firefox browser. The vulnerabilities ...
I've been using Mozilla since my first major attack from the spyware evildoers. Mozilla's too slow and too cumbersome and doesn't work as well overall as Explorer. But I'm not going back to ME.

EU Parliament Asks for Legal Aid for Slain Belfast Man's Family
Bloomberg - 17 minutes ago
May 10 (Bloomberg) -- The European Parliament today called on the European Union to help pay for a civil suit planned by the family of a man killed in Northern Ireland against the Irish Republican Army members they say are responsible for his death. ...
The state can and should pay for a criminal suit. Don't ask taxpayers to foot the bill for a civil suit too.


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