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The Cody Blog: The Cody News (June 14, 2005)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Cody News (June 14, 2005)

18 killed in Kirkuk blast
CBC News - 2 hours ago
At least 18 people were killed and dozens injured when a roadside bomb exploded outside a bank in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk Tuesday. Among the fatalities were child street vendors selling various products ...
The violence/terrorism is escalating out of control in Iraq. Something's got to give -- probably the US is just gonna have to do something new/different over there.

Blair and Chirac face EU budget showdown
Reuters - 3 hours ago
By Andrew Gray. LUXEMBOURG (Reuters) - French President Jacques Chirac and British Prime Minister Tony Blair prepared for a showdown over the European Union budget on Tuesday with hopes fading for a deal on the 25-nation bloc's long-term finances. ...
EU damned?

Senate laments its inaction on lynching
AZ Central.com - 3 hours ago
WASHINGTON - The Senate apologized Monday for never having outlawed lynching, which from 1880 to 1960 took the lives of more than 4,700 people, most of them Blacks. "This (lynching) is really an act of domestic ...
This is the same government, you do realize, that didn't just do nothing -- they legislated racism and segregation. And it's the same government that now tries to legislate "tolerance". Why, oh, why do people ever look to politicized, sold out, immoral bureaucrats to fix social ills? It's up to you and me, folks. Little brother is watching you, government.

Mobile Music Gets Boost From New W600 "Walkman Phone"
SYS-CON Media - 1 hour ago
Like all Sony Ericsson handsets, the W600 is a phone first with superb functionality and easy access to digital content and applications that allow consumers to do more, hear more and experience more," said Miles Flint, global president of Sony Ericsson ...
I have one question, asked of me by a 12 year old kid the other day: What the heck is a "walkman"?

With Beyonce busting out, breakup was their destiny
Boston Globe - 3 hours ago
By Renée Graham, Globe Staff June 14, 2005. Don't be fooled by Saturday's announcement that Destiny's Child has officially called it quits -- the group has been done since June 2003, when Beyonce released ...
Gotta admit, don't we, that Beyonce is bigger than life --- the real deal.

More than one million Americans have Aids
Mail & Guardian Online - 32 minutes ago
More than a million Americans were infected with HIV/Aids at the end of 2003, with black, homosexual and bisexual men making up the largest group among them, says a government statistics report made public on Monday. ...
I suppose I'm supposed to want the aforementioned moral-less, politicized, hypocritical bureacrats to save us from AIDS too, right? How about using abstinence and protection? And heck yeah, let's keep fighting for those already infected -- but note the "s" in "let's" stands for "us", as in you and me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cody, You said "The violence/terrorism is escalating out of control in Iraq."

Hmm. For every suicide bomber that kills 20 people, I can find you 10 stories on the web about how large numbers of Iraqi/Iraqi childrens lives have been drastically improved. How fast is the country supposed to be turned around?

We have a lot of senseless violence going on right here in the USA. Granted I haven't heard of a car bomb going off in Detroit, but there is plenty of bad stuff going on here. It can only get so good. And there's currently nothing to stop that from happening in Detroit other than a willing driver.

But, yes, ultimately, the Iraqi's must Fully unite and turn against those who plot and carry out such things. A great many of them are. There are some great units in Iraq Swat/special forces, and even regular army that have carried out very successful missions on their own, or with just supervisory help from the US counterparts.

Check out the milblogs such as Blackfive.net (that will point you to all the others) as well as some Iraqi sites. Or defendamerica.mil and see 'Iraqi Reconstruction'. You will be amazed at what can be accomplished month by month by 240,000 troops in an area the size of Texas while they are being shot at.

There's a lot of good information out there which is counter to the all evil all the time MSM diatribe.

I read a story the other day about an entire town that considers itself a terror free zone. Our troops even take off their body armour when they are there.

6/14/2005 02:59:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Our troops even take off their body armour when they are there."

puh-lease... you, like the majority of america [and even Cody who thinks we live in a "wondrous time" - (but what else would you expect from a pseudo-hipster who gets off on the denim on denim revival)], have your head up your arse.

6/14/2005 08:45:00 PM  

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