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The Cody Blog: The Cody News (June 6, 2005)

Monday, June 06, 2005

The Cody News (June 6, 2005)

Busted for Blackness at Middlebury
Village Voice, NY - May 31, 2005
... and suspended Walker indefinitely for "behavior unbecoming of a Middlebury College student ... Nolan Weltchek, one of Walker's classmates, tells the Voice, "It was ...
Tough situation. On the one hand, the school certainly has the right to handle things its own way without interference from the government. On the other hand, a grass roots protest to force the school to show its hand is a good thing. I'd be willing to bet that they've got plenty of evidence against this kid.

Hezbollah Sweeps Vote in Southern Lebanon
ABC News - 1 hour ago
Lebanese boys wave Lebanese and Hezbollah flags as they sit on a Howitzer artillery gun set next to a poster showing the Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, left, and Parliament speaker and leader of Amal movement Nabih Berri, right, in the village ...
Democracy in action?

Watergate remembered
Concord Monitor - 1 hour ago
By KATY BURNS. The perception that two reporters and one secret FBI source brought down a president is more Frank Capra than reality. ark Felt? Who? Not Henry Kissinger, George Bush the First or Diane Sawyer? ...
Pretty well written article, my favorite aspect of it is how the author tries to explain that Nixon's fall entailed a lot more than just Deep Throat and some reporters. Good point.

Informant changes tune on BIG murder
Miami Herald, FL - 6 hours ago
... the murder of rapper Notorious BIG was a conspiracy hatched by Death Row boss Marion ''Suge'' Knight and a rogue LAPD officer has changed his tune, reports MTV ...
Informant In Biggie Case Changes His Tune FMQB
Informant Changes His Tune ktla 5
INFORMANT CHANGES TUNE IN BIGGIE CASE: Original Testimony Based on ... Eurweb.com MTV.com -
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Creative "pun"dits of the world unite! Sheesh.

Wade's dad says injured guard will play in Game 7
ABC News - 43 minutes ago
Jun 6, 2005 — RALEIGH, North Carolina (Reuters) - Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade's father has said his injured son will definitely play in Monday night's deciding Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals with the Detroit Pistons in Miami. ...
If you haven't seen this kid play, find the time for at least a quarter of Game 7. If he's healthy at all, he'll leave your jaw on the floor.

Russell Crowe arrested after NY hotel fracas
Reuters - 1 hour ago
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Actor Russell Crowe was arrested on Monday charged with second-degree assault after throwing a telephone at a hotel employee and hitting him in the face, police said. The 41-year-old Oscar ...
Ah, Russell, what the hell? Taking a page from lowly Slater's book now?

Mental facility in Norwalk troubled
San Jose Mercury News - 2 hours ago
NORWALK, Calif. - A state mental hospital that was previously investigated by the federal government could face new scrutiny after five teens escaped and another hanged herself in recent weeks, state officials confirmed. ...
Flip it: Here's what would actually be headline-worth in regards to a mental facility: Mental facility not troubled at all. Hoohah!


Anonymous joeblue3 said...

The key to appreciating Dwayne Wade is to first acknowledge the incredible athleticism of the other 9 guys on the floor. These are truly spectacular run and jump athletes.

Then watch Wade create, dish, drive and score. He is at another level in regards to his physical talents.

While he is certainly not in the same league as His Airness (MJ), his level of athleticism stands out like #23.

6/06/2005 10:42:00 AM  
Blogger The Unknown Broker said...

Gotta give props to my 15-year old. He picked Dwayne Wade for his fantasy basketball league team after catching some preseason games. Others were saying "Dwayne Wade? Wasn't he the guy on the Cosby girl show with the flip-up glasses?" They know now.

As to the Russell Crowe incident. Don't you know that the hotel worker probably smiled really big when Crowe hit him with the phone.
Dollar signs, baby. Ka-ching. "Thank you sir, may I have another?"

6/07/2005 03:45:00 PM  

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