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The Cody Blog: All Clear for Socialist Nuclear Energy

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

All Clear for Socialist Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy back in vogue, but waste disposal a super-heated ...
Palm Beach Post, FL - Aug 14, 2005
... Last week, Bush signed into law a national energy policy that provides financial incentives and lawsuit protection for new nuclear power plants, which should ...

And it's a good thing this government follows the Constitution. After all, isn't it in the Bill of Rights that "cheap energy shall be provided by the Federal Government to all citizens"? Is that Bill #4 or 5? Or was it an amendment later on? I can't seem to find it.

All well, at least, if the government is going to unconstitutionally line a bunch of energy company who build nuclear power plants' pockets with my tax dollars -- at least the government's got such a great track record of keeping prices low and efficiently bringing things to market. ROFL. Yeah, right!

So, I'll just ask -- wouldn't a free market for energy probably be a great thing? And isn't it the "right" thing regardless?

And people wonder why I call Republicans what they are -- Socialists.


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