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Friday, September 23, 2005

Rock n' Roll Hoochie Koo

So here's another "real" Cody Jam. I think I'll start posting one up here once a week for a little while. I have been rather amazed and flattered at the kind feedback I've gotten on the songs.

PS. I normally hit a wall of exhaustion at 4pm on Fridays and go to bed for awhile. This week, among other things, I've written six articles for publications, attended another charity event with a friend (and this one was simply wonderful, the people were so sweet and the vibe so positive!), negotiated contracts, wrote and gave a speech at the Princeton Club, played tennis five times, did a radio interview, broke a big story on Google in my newsletter, even did some fashion stuff for some denim thingees that I'll tell you more about later, dinner with one of my editors, fashion party last night...and this blog and all kinds of other stuff...oh, and that day job of running my hedge fund --- all of which have brought the wall to my face three hours early today. I am beat and can hardly wait til 4pm. Have a great weekend.

Lonely's So Lovely (The Cody Show)
Lyrics --
Flying solo(w) and I cannot see,
One part-ner-vous play purportedly.
Crying cholo, cannot feel the pain,
Won part nurse, one part seals the game.

Love is too lonely to dance.
Lonely’s so lovely so dance.

Crashing-down-blanket, covering me,
Can’t, for giving me, smothering me,
Lashing out, by walking away,
Can’t, for getting caught, just the same,

Love is too lonely to dance.
Love is so lonely to death.
Lonely’s so lovely, so dance.


Anonymous ss said...

Thanks for posting these. I enjoyed this one too, and the lyrics happen to be a perfect fit for my mood this afternoon :-/

However, after several listenings I still think "Drink the Water" is my favorite of the ones you have posted - I particularly love the guitar section at the beginning.

Enjoy your weekend...

9/23/2005 06:49:00 PM  

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