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The Cody Blog: Backstage Flu, or, Better than Avian

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Backstage Flu, or, Better than Avian

I rarely get sick, but about three years ago, I realized this is how it always works for me and sickness. I'll feel achey and walk around with a cough or a headache for a couple days. I'll drink lots of water. I'll think that I must be sore from working out. And then if I'd had more than a couple drinks at some point recently, I'll wonder if I'm hungover or something. And then finally, I'll come to the shocking realization that I'm just "sick".

So I've had a slight headache and felt achey since Sunday morning. I'd played hard tennis on Saturday (did I mention I took up tennis this summer and have been playing like a madman?) and some friends and I had taken a friend out for his birthday and I'd had a couple beers with dinner and then a one or two afterward on Saturday night. And so I've been ignoring these aches and pains. Got up this morning at 3:30 am and worked til 6:30, then played a tennis match and then came back to work. And have been feeling horrible.

And I just realized 10 minutes ago --- I'm sick!

Here's my theory on how it happened. Friday night I'd gone to Tracy Chapman's fantastic concert at the Hammerstein with her manager and agent. We'd gone backstage to hang out for a while, and she'd hesitated to shake our hands (and give her peeps hugs) cuz she said she was sick. So we didn't touch, you know?

But then she graciously told the Hammerstein people that anybody was welcome to come back and chat with her and like 15 people came up there and all started shaking her hand, and then our hands.

And I think that's my story of how Tracy Chapman inadvertantly got me sick.

So today's Random Tuesday Review is simply of Evian water. I'd ordered a couple cases of 1L bottles from Fresh Direct. I like that size, cuz it forces me to drink lots of water as I don't like to not finish the bottle when I open it. And Evian's good even though it's Naive spelled backwards. Not as good as, say, Fiji water, but I'm not that picky. Better than Poland Spring, though I usually just buy that brand. Evian 1L bottles get a Cody Rating of 7.

And with that, I'm gonna go drink more fluids and stare at my quote screen again.


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