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The Cody Blog: Done with Sheryl Crow

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Done with Sheryl Crow

I think it started when I saw Sheryl Crow at some charity concert event at Carnegie Hall back in 2000 or so. That was the beginning of the end. She got up there and said a bunch of stuff about women empowerment and staying true to oneself and having self-respect and not giving in to pig men and stuff like that. I'm down with all that stuff, sure. Patti Smith even got up there and sang about "Power to the people." Carnegie was rockin'.

And then all of a sudden, Sheryl was sleeping with Kid Rock. Now, I'm certainly down with the Kid -- he's a true rock star. I mean, he loves himself some girls -- lots of girls! -- and he parties and he's true to rock stardom. And I'm cool with most anybody who seems "true" to their moral code (given that their moral code follows some basic premises such as not being violent and what not...yea, yeah).

And while I guess it's none of my business who she sleeps with, it just confuses me that she is the one who chose to throw here morals out there for me to ponder and now I am pondering them. I guess I never understood why Sheryl was sleeping with this guy who so blatantly is all about partying and womanizing and everything. Again, I don't think I'd have a problem with it if Sheryl hadn't been so didactic about women empowerment and all that at Carnegie, but as it is, it all seemed rather hypocritcal. Sleep with whomever you want and all that, but don't go around preaching stuff you don't live. I guess that was strike one.

I love covers of great songs by great artists, so I was excited to download Sheryl's cover of GnR's "Sweet Child o' Mine" when I found it on iTunes last year. But, man did she destroy that song. The part of the tune that made Guns and Roses' version so greatwas the lead guitar riff from Slash. Sheryl and Rick Rubin just put on the chords and the melody without it. And it sucks.

Strike two.

And now, alas, the Dell commercial and her new video. Have you seen these two abominations? Her video is almost weirdly cheesy -- almost as if she meant for it be, but it's not satirical enough to know for sure -- especially the part when she's sitting on the cloud or something. I really do sorta' cringe in embarrassment for her on that part. And then the Dell commercial where she walks around in front of some piece of junk PC she's hawking. It's not exactly a smart move for her branding-wise. I'm being nice and throwing those two together as one pitch and calling strike three.

Finally, I know we're all supposed to always enshine Mr. Lance Armstrong. And, sure, I admire the guy tremendously. But enough already. Maybe it's that I find the Kid Rock to Lance Armstrong thing just too polarizing to get over. Whatever. Lance drops a few notches in my book for this pending marriage to this waffling sell out who once was an incredibly admirable, perservering artist.

I'm done with Sheryl.

Tune in tomorrow, I'll post another one of my own songs and am re-introducing The Cody News with a barrage of hard news hits.


Blogger Pali Gap said...

womens empowerment is all about using men for their own pleasure .... I see nothing wrong with Sheryl doing Kid Rock & then hopping on for a spin on Lance. And for a guy who is trying to get richer & make his rich friends richer, thats a little of the pot calling the kettle black taking issue with her Dell contract ... so only wall st ho's are allowed to make contracts with corporate america and go on shows with biased hosts like Mr kudlow?

5/26/2006 03:50:00 PM  
Blogger Cody Willard said...

Nice point on the women's empowerment thing (though I suppose we'd probably outta clarify the sarcastic undertone of "all about"...just for clarity's sake). As for the Dell endorsement, it's not endorsements per se that I have a prob with (but your TV show parallel is just specious). But Dell? In that manner? I mean, image matters and it's something that should be defended from soul-lessness. Soulessness of course simply a subjective statement, and that's what I'm talking about. Our subjective perception of her veritable "image"

5/26/2006 05:35:00 PM  

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