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The Cody Blog: Editing Out My Missing Misty Coors

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Editing Out My Missing Misty Coors

Sigh. The best thing about blogging is that there's no filter between what I write and what you read. I just wrote this for another outlet and they pulled the funny part:

The Nasdaq is down nearly 7% since I wrote that. 7% in a month is what I’d call a crush (though not as big a crush as the one I had on Misty Coors when I was six. And yes, that was her real name!).

Misty was such a cutie. She'd run around in a dress and cowboy boots. My neighbor, Craig Sears, who is one year my senior, told me that cowboy boots and dresses didn't go together. I didn't care. Still like that look, as a matter of fact.

She moved to another town when I was eight and I never saw her again. Wonder whatever happened to Misty Coors. Somehow I don't think googling that name will help me track her down.


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