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The Cody Blog: Who Won the GE Capital Fall Classic?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Who Won the GE Capital Fall Classic?

Check this out:

Who Won the GE Capital Fall Classic?

With the White Sox winning their first World Series championship since 1917, we had six participants who picked each series correctly. Our first and second place winners tied for the closest guess to the total number of runs scored in the series (they guessed 29, the actual total was 34). Our champion came closer to guessing the World Series batting average of Series MVP Jermaine Dye.

Our winner is Cody Willard, a hedge fund manager and blogger from NY, who is also a commentator for RealMoney.com, TheStreet.com and CNBC. Robertbel was a close second, with RayRay3000 third, followed by jimmy, jryan and bruninoch. All six had 100% of their picks correct. Each of our 25 winners will be contacted later today by email.To find where you placed in the standings, you need not log on. Simply go to 'reports' on the contest home page and check alphabetical standings. Congratulations to the White Sox and to all our winners.

Next ChallengeOur next InterNotes contest will be the Protective Life College Bowl Challenge to be announced in mid-December. Weekly InterNotes Update subscribers will be notified when the contest is live.GE Capital and InterNotes.com thank you for your participation in this year's Fall Classic. Standings

Our Winner's BlogOur first place winner, Cody Willard, is a hedge fund manager, blogger, and commentator on several sites. Cody finished first out of 2028 players, so his stock picks might be worth following. Here's the link to his site: Cody

Pretty funny, in that I haven't watched a game of baseball (other than at the stadium) in like, oh say, 20 years. LOL

Better to be lucky....


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