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The Cody Blog: New Music Friday (November 11, 2005) -- Mos Def

Friday, November 11, 2005

New Music Friday (November 11, 2005) -- Mos Def

This week, I feature who's probably my single favorite up and coming artist, Mos Def. He uses a lot of different instruments and samples layered all over the place in his music. I like most how he mixes things up -- some songs sound like old school rap, some like new school rap, some like blues, some like rock, and some are just out there.

They have a good bio for him on iTunes too.

I higly recommend downloading all of either of his two solo albums in their entirety:

Black on Both Sides
The New Danger

His most popular song on iTunes is Ms Fat Booty, but I think that songs not one of his best. My favorites include UMI Says, Habitat, Sex, Love & Money, and Close Edge, but, again, I mainly recommend the full albums. They are works of art, without a doubt.

Rock the rock, baby.


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