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The Cody Blog: Random Review Tuesday: Keihl's Body Products

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Random Review Tuesday: Keihl's Body Products

All right, I'll admit, I'm actually chuckling out loud as I begin this post and picture everybody going:

What the hell? A review of soap?

Hey, it's a "Random" review, man. Reviewing a body cleanser is about as random as I can get. So it fits. Doth I protest to much?

Anyway, this week's RRT is indeed all about Keihl's body products. I remember the first time I ever came into contact with Keihl's. I was in the process of moving back to NYC from my brief post-9/11 stint in Austin in 2002. A broker prospecting me took me to the Robin Hood event and the gift basket there included a box of Keihl's products. I didn't figure I'd need the eight different types of products, so I gave them to a friend before I flew out.

But about a year ago, I was walking around my neighborhood and stepped into the local Keihl's shop (this is the pic that greets you on the company's website --- why didn't someone touch up the picture and take out the ugly graphiti all over mailbox and relay box?):

I walked out with some face lotion and body cleanser. In the year hence, I almost always buy Keihl's bath products.

The single best thing about Keihl's products will surprise you, given their expensive price tags: the bang for you buck.

The catalyst for reviewing Keihl's today was when I ran out of my body cleanser while taking a quick post-tennis shower this morning and I thought to myself that this is the same damn bottle of cleanser that I'd bought last year. I'd wondered at the time why I was spending $13 on 8 ounces of soap. But those thirteen ounces have easily lasted more than a hundred showers (I use some other soaps sometimes --- gotta mix it up, you know?).

The same holds true for all of the Keihl's products I've used. They cost a lot, but last forever.

Oh, and my skin's tone, texture etc etc --- yeah, yeah, Keihl's is great for that stuff.

PS. Is it me, or do Q-Tips never run out? I do believe I've had the same damn box of Q-Tips and it's been about 1/2 full since I left my parent's house in 1991. Q-Tips are like Gremlins -- they multiply when water splashes on them.


Blogger Wes said...

I never thought I'd say this, but your soapy post was most informative. I might just go out try some. Heck, never thought I'd say that either....

11/15/2005 11:36:00 PM  

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