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The Cody Blog: Similes From My Column, or, My Mom Will Dig These Two

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Similes From My Column, or, My Mom Will Dig These Two

Been working since 7am this morning, and though this is the first day in the last seven that I didn't play some tennis, the week has about caught up with me and I'm spent, man, spent.

And now I'm heading out to a business dinner. Tomorrow's NMF (New Music Friday, of course!), but in the meantime, I'm going to repurpose these two lines from a column I wrote today about the future of content:

  • In a flash of corporate vision akin to the tobacco companies recognizing that smoking causes cancer, NBC and CBS announced that they will join ABC in letting people access their content in new ways.
  • Stopping Grokster is like blocking a set shot from your grandma while her teammates, Dwayne Wade and Tracy McGrady, are flying down the wings. Good luck with that, RIAA.
My mom, a HS senior English teacher, likes it when I use the similes (and metaphors for that matter). Rock on, mom, right?


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