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The Cody Blog: The Week That Almost Was

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Week That Almost Was

It's only Thursday? Here's a snapshot of my week:

  • Am very proud of being a first guest on Larry Kudlow's new podcast show. You can sign up for his podcast to be regularly downloaded to your iPod by clicking here. You can listen to this particular episode by clicking here. Thanks for letting me be part of your revolution, Larry.

  • A friend who's 1/2 Lebanese 1/2 Eastern Indian and was raised in Jamaica and schooled in Switzerland invited me and some other friends to his mother's house (read: compound) in Jamaica for the weekend. Flew out late Friday, got back late Sunday. Their home was beautiful with a gorgeous pool, amazing views and access to the beach. Lots of servants, both of Indian and of Jamaican heritage there too. Was a surreal experience. His little brother lives in Jamaica and runs the family's businesses, and his brother's friends were also of Indian heritage and were schooled at Ivy Leagues. Very "old world" money. His family and the people of Jamaica were very gracious and I had a very relaxing time though it rained all day Saturday. Was surreal though, interacting with servants and the proud old world Indian money. Have to ponder more on the experience.
  • Got over my flu-like body-ache symptoms while I was in Jamaica. Been battling a sore throat and cough this week. What the hell is wrong with me?
  • Listened to probably 20 earnings conference calls this week. And have traded a lot of options and common.
  • Wrote three columns for two different outlets, a lengthy newsletter, and lots of emails. The "e" button fell off my two year old Dell laptop recently. Guess I should upgrade.
  • Biz dinner two nights this with good sources from telecom. Dinner last night with a friend (ordered in at my place, at least).
  • Spent hours on phone and in reports trying to understand a private company's technology and how it fits into the teleconomy.

I don't know, wish I had something more profound to write. Point is, I been pushing it hard again this week. Earnings season, when the vast majority of the companies I follow report earnings over a three week period is such a killer. Just passed the half way mark of this season.

Rest? Soon. Soon. I hope.


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