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Monday, November 14, 2005

We're Living in the Future, or, Commercials From Your Butt

You ever think back to those futuristic movies and books from yesteryear and end up just amazed at how accurate some of the concepts were? The single most impressive future trend that the movies and sci-fi books from decades past caught onto is the advertisement.

How many movies did you watch as a kid in which there were always media-rich advertisements delivered in all kinds of new innovative ways --- from 3D moving billboards to advertising screens playing commercials in elevators. Heck, I just noticed at the deli up the street from my apartment that they now have this flat-panel advertisement screen set up next to the register. The fact that the only thing being advertised on the screen is that "You could advertise here" isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's just such a new form of media and I'll bet you the company is hiring a sales staff from scratch.

But doesn't it all remind you of the movies?

And now, movie advertisments in your wallet from CEO IQ with their rCard technology.

I do have to wonder though, these people can do so much marketing-wise...and that stupid, ugly, impossible to understand logo of theirs is the best design they could come up with?!


Blogger BelowTheCrowd said...

The advertising by the cash register is pretty old. We've had them in supermarkets for about three years. Mostly they seem to advertise stuff on sale in the supermarket, though I have to wonder at the effectiveness of advertising stuff just as you are about to pay. Do that many people jump out of the line to pick up something the just saw advertised?

We also have those ads on the touch-screen panels on many gas pumps.

Personally I wonder at the effectiveness of this kind of "broad" advertising. We're bombarded with so many messages in so many formats that the effectiveness of any given message has got to be pretty close to zero.

That's why I'm bullish ONLY on companies that can tightly target their advertising, and only those who can do it in a way that does not become obtrusive (ie, it can't be so annoying that I use technology to delete or avoid it).

The internet and some segments of cable TV have the ability to deliver this kind of targeted advertising. Everything else is a joke.


11/14/2005 03:25:00 PM  

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