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The Cody Blog: And You Thought Your Job Sucked

Thursday, December 01, 2005

And You Thought Your Job Sucked

My friend (and superbroker) Rob Fraim highlighted this one for me today.

In a recent article in Popular Science Magazine entitled “10 Worst Jobs in Science” the following were included:

Harvard researchers in Borneo who catch orangutan urine (in plastic sheets, the way firefighters catch jumpers) for studying reproduction-hormone levels

Gear-packing monitors who run toward (not away from) the gases and molten rock of erupting volcanoes (dozens have been killed or wounded);

U.S. Geological Survey workers at two picturesque California lakes monitoring "extremophile" microbes that thrive in the most putrid environments (work that one says resembles being surrounded by 100 "extremely flatulent people");

“Human lab rats" such as students employed in an industry-funded University of California at San Diego study for $15 an hour to have pesticides sprayed into their eyes.


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