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The Cody Blog: The Eye of the Tiger, or, A "Real" Athlete to Look up To

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Eye of the Tiger, or, A "Real" Athlete to Look up To

Oh, man, I truly fell outta' my chair laughing on this one. Tell me you haven't thought about doing such things.


It reminds me of when I played hoops for the UNM Lobos, and we'd go on national TV and my buddy, Casey Kearns, would always tell me, "Cody, this time, when the camera comes on you, jump up and down, rub your tummy and pat your head and yodel!".

I never did, but I still picture doing such silly things any time I go on live TV, and it helps me to chill out. Someday I'll tell you one of my favorite such fantasies.


Blogger mermaid said...

I love this video kid! Have watched it five times now..it is hysterically funny! Sent it to my trainer yesterday and also to my boxing trainer who couldn't stop laughing. His fav: Pushups on top of the woman on the beach and weighing in at the grocery store! Btw, looks like this was taped in France. I think I saw "faites peser ici" and McExpress.

12/08/2005 02:08:00 PM  

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