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The Cody Blog: Love and Hate for Adobe

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Love and Hate for Adobe

Our tiny little farm house in San Patricio, NM is hard-core adobe.

I remember reading as a kid that adobe homes would naturally keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and I was fascinated by that idea. From my own unscientific, anecdotal tests as a kid, I think the temperature steadiness theory is true. And I love adobe for being so naturally utilitarian.

But, man, do I hate Adobe's software. I've never gotten why everybody pretends to love the .pdf format. It sucks. It's hard to navigate, search, use. And even on this new laptop, it takes like 10 seconds to open, as it lists the 83,203 patents that protect the software. And that's about 9 seconds too long.

And it used to freeze my other PC all the time because Adobe kept asking me everytime I tried to open it if I wanted to update it with downloads. How about leaving me alone once I purchased it? Leave me alone and do your damn job.

I guess I should be glad they don't put that annoyingly revolving Yahoo! ad button up at the top right of it anymore. Anyway, I hate Adobe.

The only worse software I can think of? Realnetworks and their obsession with taking over all your multi-media applications. Hate 'em even worse.

Two more hours to home after this 13 hour day in Boston. Sigh.


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