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The Cody Blog: What Constitutes "Spam"?

Thursday, December 08, 2005

What Constitutes "Spam"?

I just got this notice from one of the companies I write for:

The Network Services team will be migrating the current SPAM service to a new system. The new system will be hosted by an outside provider that will scan all incoming e-mails for viruses, spam & prevent denial of service attacks on our e-mail systems.

The new system will send a notification to you in the event you have any e-mails that have been captured as spam.

Attached is the user guide for using the Spam Manager.

Note my italicized part. Who in the hell designed a system in which you flag a spam and then send a notice that you did so. Isn't the whole idea to keep me from having to deal with an email that's meaningless?

I mean, I'll delete the update, just as quickly as I'd delete the spam itself, for crying out loud!

Still, I'm gonna be an anti-spam activist forever, and continue to push the government to actually do one of the jobs we pay them to do!


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