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The Cody Blog: Losing My Marbles, or, Relatively Cold

Monday, February 27, 2006

Losing My Marbles, or, Relatively Cold

As I hit fifth grade as a child, I'd learned that I needed to factor in at least one good whipping per year for my jacket-losing problem. As an adult, I've learned I need to factor in at least a good 5% of my clothes budget (not that I put together any formal budget for my personal finances) for my item-losing problem. Same goes for electronics too.

I remember losing a soccer ball in first grade. My Raiders jacket in fourth grade. My ugly ski jacket in sixth grade. My Levi's jacket in 7th...and 8th grade. There's a lot more where those come from too.

I recall, when I was like five years old, interrupting my mom and some of her friends who were chatting over coffee in the living room, because "I'd lost my marbles." Literally. I'd somehow left them beneath the couch. Took me a few years before I understood why they thought that my losing my marbles was so damn funny.

This winter, as I was just reminded as I glovelessly, stocking-cap-lessly trudged through the bitter cold to Starbucks this morning, I've lost two scarves, one pair of black leather gloves, and two stocking caps (I'd bought one from Bluefly.com and got so many compliments on it, I ordered a back up, figuring I'd lose the first one eventually. Lost 'em both days later.)

I wish I could remember stuff like that better. I do try. Hard. Something I need to work on.

Anyway, the point of this post is actually just to remind all us freezing New Yorkers, that, as this site highlights, cold is a relative thing.


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