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The Cody Blog: Radio Appearance Today

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Radio Appearance Today

I'll be joining Aaron Task once again on RealMoney Radio today around 2pm EST. The show is syndicated around the US. You can also listen to it online by clicking here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quit making an opinion on REDF, and stick with what you know. Have you ever been to India, do you know how many users REDF has, or market share statistics? Probably not is my guess. I am not saying the stock is a good long or short, but it reminds me of when you were talking about how oil was going back to $20, when it was $40/barrel, because you had a buddy who was in the business, who said this was the top. LOL.

2/18/2006 02:32:00 PM  

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