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The Cody Blog: Rise Against the Machine

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Rise Against the Machine

You can't formulize art. You can't package creativity. And that's the problem with Hollywood. Hollywood is all about the machine, the process, the formula.

That's why we all know that pop music, pop shows, pop everything sucks in the end. Because you can't formulize art. It's the same reason we rail against Wall Street. Because you can't formulize business. Oh sure, they "teach" you business and stuff at college. Just like they "teach" you music and art and stuff at college. But "art" and "business" are revolutionary by nature and therefore can't be taught at all.

Once you allow formulas and machinations to dictate movement, you lose that soul. You lose control. Control.

Because in the end, it's all about individuals. Really. It's a single person who really creates, moves, initiates, touches, feels, acts, plays, cuddles, fights, talks, thinks. Thinks. There is no collective soul. There is no mass audience. In the end, it's those you feel, you touch, you love. Friends. Family. Eating together. Laughing in the same room together.

I've seen the shape and depths of these landscapes for years. And I learn to see it from eye level.

Families and friends are real. The rest is a McGuffin.

Rage, nay, rise against the machine. Bring on the revolution.


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