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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Funny Example of Cody-Hate

Recently I posted a Cody-hate email from one Marc Grbic. I took it down after I felt I'd embarrassed the dude enough. The thing is, see, as I keep writing, the communications revolution is cutting into crime, hate, (and I'm writing an article that will explain how it will also, over many more years, end atrocity and genocide). And the primary means of doing so is that cell phones and the Internet keep us connected in all kinds of new ways and allow us to shine light on evil-doers (or, in this case, haters, which isn't exactly an "evil" thing, but it ain't exactly cool, either...)

Anyway, I got this pretty darn hilarious email yesterday and I think my reply is even more funny (funnier...more fun, funner...damn English language, or as my editor/friend George sometimes puts it, Cody-lish...but I digress). Here's what Brendan (guess he didn't have the guts to include his last name) at brendan@meglodon.com sent me the other day (and he must have been trying to show off to his buddy at cconerly@earthlink or something, cuz he cc'd that email address):

"Seems, madam? Nay, it is. I know not 'seems'." Hamlet, 1.2.76

Hey bud I saw your quote on your website and just wanted to make a few comments. I guess my first comment is you are such a frikin dork words cannot even come close to subscribing it. I mean give me a break you frikin quote Hamlet. It is so frikin obvious your trying to act or present the image that you are really deep and well cultured. Well guess what guy it is abundantly clear your a frikin soft nerd who could get roled by 50lb kid.

Ughhhh and then there is that spot about you dating women and riding your bike. Dude I read that and my only response is if I saw you on that bike the first thing to come to my mind would be who the hell is that homo on the bike looking like he just had a couple of cocktails at the gay bar. As far as your dates with other women were concerned I guarantee here is how the call went with their mothers when they gave them. "Hey mom I just went on a date with this guy who I would have to say may have been the biggest tool on the planet. He tried to be super deep and talk about feelings and all this other stuff, then he started quoting people like Thoreau and other linguistic has beens basically trying to act really intelligent. Well then at the end of the date he gave me a hug and said is life grand or what? and then got on this retarted bike and road off humming some toon called "I Like it In The Backdoor".

Goodness Cody get a grib guy your level of frikin nerdness has reached an al ltime high. Lastly what should I do with all this avnx I was thinking of ordering actual stock certificates and then using them to wipe my arss.

Ok bud take care and I will talk to you soon.

Warmest Regards.

I upgraded to a new PC in November and "Brendan" (along with Marc) used to be blocked in my old Outlook. I'm pretty happy this one got through though, I must say.

And I simply wrote him back:

Wow, Brendan, I am flattered by your continued obsession with me. ;)

Hoohah, indeed!


Blogger RDS said...

funny stuff. i'd bet the farm that the hater lives with his mom.

scoreboard Cody.

3/01/2006 06:06:00 PM  
Blogger GrizzlyBear said...

Just a tad homophobic.

3/01/2006 11:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cody, grow up you ass clown.

3/02/2006 11:07:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, it's clear that this guy has a thing for you.

If there is one thing that's become abundantly clear to me in my lifetime, it's this: Those that go out of their way to call someone gay are, 90% of the time, just longing for some sausage themselves.

Instead of facing up to their own sexual preferences, they often resort to these types of hateful tirades, and unforunately, violence.

It's so dame cliche.

3/02/2006 11:32:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cody, I do want you. Yum! Put that old pic back.

3/02/2006 12:49:00 PM  

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