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The Cody Blog: Those Unwatchable Oscars

Monday, March 06, 2006

Those Unwatchable Oscars

I tried for about the 11th time in my life to watch the Oscars. You'd think with me having been at the Sundance award ceremony I'd have had more interest. Alas, after George Clooney's funny acceptance speech "We should all dress up like Batman and compete" (or something like that...) I had to put it on mute. And after the usually beautiful Naomi Watts came out in that tissue-wrapping-paper-homeless outfit thingee (didn't listen to whatever she said...) and then Charlize Theron came out looking not-quite orange-ish but the friend I was watching the show with commented that she'd had a "run in with Charlize a while ago"....

Well, damitall, I was just bored. I've been increasingly exposed to some of the Hollywood machinations that result in the silly commercialized, sold out, mindless award ceremony, and I just couldn't make it. Reminded me a lot of trying to watch it back in high school.

And, while I'm going to have to actually read through the awards for the sake of trying to stay (get?) "current", I have to say, I couldn't care less about the specifics.

Hell, I only made it to the movie theatre like ten times last year. Once for Star Wars, of course (James Altucher and I met up with Stephen Dubner and others and gave away some tickets to readers...that was fun!), and then I watched "Crash" like three times on my own (I love the "flip it" aspect throughout the movie and the important messages about the end of racism --- hmm, speaking of race, what race are we supposed to categorize "orange" in anyway?-- and the smile on Ludacris' face when he smiles to himself in satisfaction for having done something good for the first time in the movie as the movie ends...) and dragged friends to it another four times...and I don't remember what the other movie I sat through last year was.

Here's hoping "Crash" swept the Oscars.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's with saying "like" all the time?

Lose it. It's not flattering. Even if you are trying to sound colloquial on purpose, it still makes you sound stupid. Nothing against you, it makes anybody sound stupid.

You're not, like, a tenth grader any more!

3/06/2006 02:15:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tough crowd.

3/07/2006 10:40:00 PM  

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