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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Wanna Fight Starvation? Try to Make Some Money!

The UNA-USA E-Action Network (aaveryt@unausa.org) continues to send me this evil propaganda about the hurtful UN:

Dear CODY,
Now that the blueprint for a new UN Human Rights Council has been adopted with the near-unanimous support of the international community, it is vitally important to the success of the new body that the United States - one of the lone dissenters - fulfill its pledge to work cooperatively to make the Council as strong and effective as possible.

Elections to select the first members of the Human Rights Council will be held on May 9th, and the first meeting is scheduled to be convened on June 19th. Full US participation in the Council's inaugural session will be critical, as important decisions will be made regarding working methods and procedures. However, to date, the United States has not announced its candidacy.
TAKE ACTION NOW by sending letters to President Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and UN Ambassador John Bolton, urging them to immediately announce the United States' intention to seek membership on the Human Rights Council, and calling on them to lead efforts at the UN to deny membership to serial human rights violators.

I sent them this reply (they didn't answer me last time, btw):

You guys really upset me. Please go work to make some money off those poor people in the places you purport to want to help such that real, self-sustaining virtuous markets can be created. And stop creating more bureaucracy.

Changing the wording of your convoluted charter isn’t productive, okay? Quit wasting money, time…and life.

What's the point of sending a meaningless email to some sold out politicians asking them to endorse something that doesn’t even make any sense to begin with (I’m a pretty smart guy, but can you please explain to me how this email is going to help defend a child’s individual rights in Botswana or a farmer’s right to his land in South Africa.)?

I think I’d rather bust my tail, work 90 hours a week trying to make money in this economy to create wealth and value and systems that will indeed create wealth and markets that will help those individuals you say you want to help. Why don’t you go invest, work hard, employ people, instead of asking me to send this stupid email to some bureaucrat hoping he’ll create new bureaucracies to employ bureaucrats.

Seriously. Enough already. The UN is busted, perhaps in principle, and isn't fixable.


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