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The Cody Blog: Learning to Learn about Darfur

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Learning to Learn about Darfur

My buddy and mentor, Jay Burnham who's a pretty amazing distressed situation investor, is in town tonight. After we talk stocks, markets, economies, and permabear silliness (the economy will turn bad someday....but those goobers who have been calling for a collapse for the last three years need to come to terms with reality...) I'm going to drag Jay to this event:

We Are the Best Hope for Peace in
Darfur Featuring Nicholas Kristof,
Mark Malloch Brown, Juan Mendez and
Tragi Mustafa

Wednesday, April 19, 7:00pm New York
Society of Ethical Culture 2 West
64th Street, NYC FREE of charge!

Co-sponsored by the New York Society
for Ethical Culture, the Amnesty
International and Human Rights First
and the Armenian National

I know nothing about the groups involved or the event itself, but in case you haven't noticed, I'm using the networks (including having received this email and now taking a mentor whom I met by trading emails about distressed telecom stocks back in 2002) to continue to learn about Darfur and what I/we all can do to help.

So anyway, if you can go and you see a "long-haired country boy" don't "leave him alone" (Know that song???). Give a holla and let's chat this stuff up and keep working on how to do something effective to help while we keep busting our butts to fuel this economy and drive wealth for the world to then use to help fight genocide and build networks.

Virtuous cycles, anyone?


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