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The Cody Blog: NYC Snow in April?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

NYC Snow in April?

I remember in 5th grade in 1986, my hometown of Ruidoso (a ski resort/horse racing-centric oasis in the deserts of SE NM) that we caught a major snow storm that dropped 18 inches and closed the schools for like a week. Man, that was fun. I built a giant complex of forts on the side of our house.

Though it's snowing right now here in the city, even if it sticks and builds up 18" on the ground, somehow I don't think Wall Street will be closed for a week. Too bad, huh, we could all meet in the park to sled and build forts! Not feeling old today at all. Really. I'm not feeling old today. Believe it yet? Sigh.

That's a pic from my Treo 700w that I forwarded to my associate using Verizon Wireless National Broadband, who then downloaded it and posted it to this blog. I used Trillian to instant message this text for him to publish around that picture. And we talked about today's newsletter on the phone in the middle of it all.

Communications revolution, anyone?


Blogger Cody Snow said...

Hey buddy, I actually remember that storm after 20 years!

Cody Snow
Chicago by way of Ruidoso

4/26/2006 04:50:00 PM  

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