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The Cody Blog: The Cody News Returns (May 23, 2006)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Cody News Returns (May 23, 2006)

The Cody News is back:

New Domain Name -- .Mobi -- Could Spur Wireless Web

Surfing the Web on a cellphone can be as difficult as surfing the ocean on a tiny board. Now, a company founded by Microsoft Corp., Google Inc., Vodafone Group PLC, Nokia Corp., and several other companies, aims to make it easier to browse the Internet on wireless devices such as cellphones or BlackBerries.

While that Treo of mine with Verizon National Broadband is darn nearly, as I told Larry during a commercial break the other night, a god-device, there's nothing worse than randomly surfing the web on that thing. A web designed for wireless from the ground up, especially one founded by a consortium of mostly capitalistic, private enterprises, is squarely a wheel in the revolution process. (PS. How bad is that Google default technology for wireless? I mean, most of the functionalities that make Google such a joy to use, including LOCAL search FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!, are turned off for some unfathomable reason. Hello, Google! I'll be hosting a Cali Google-ite at my office tomorrow night, I think I'll complain to him about it as if there'd be something he could do. Poor guy.)

Judge Steps In for Poor Inmates Without Justice

NEW ORLEANS — Hurricane Katrina took his house, his courtroom and, Judge Arthur L. Hunter Jr. says, his faith in the way his city treats poor people facing criminal charges.

What a tough position to be in. But Constitutional rights aren't negotiable.

Intel Pushes Chip Production Deep Into China's Hinterlands

CHENGDU, China -- When Intel Corp. began setting up shop on the outskirts of this sprawling city in China's mountainous outback three years ago, Chengdu had a panda sanctuary, some of China's spiciest food and a collection of aging heavy industry.

You just have to read this story because it's so beautiful how capitalistic forces are bringing a high-tech revolution to the poor masses in the remote China. Schools, training -- an entire "ecosystem" of education and prosperity...all in the name of profit!

Finding Hate in a Whack on the Head

New York's latest attempt to punish impure thought got under way yesterday in the Queens County Criminal Court building.

I couldn't keep reading after the fourth or fifth paragraph when the author somehow seemed to, as I read it, imply that a white dude calling a black dude the n word as the white dude's hitting the black dude across the side of the head with a frickin' aluminum baseball bat is somehow SOMEHOW got some sort of parallel with a slang reference in the streets...


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