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Friday, May 05, 2006

K&C Politics, Markets, & More

Administrator's Note: What an exciting discussion last night at Kudlow & Company with our good friends Barry Ritholtz, Herb Greenberg, and Noah Blackstein. We hope you were able to catch it live last night, but if not, here's the clip in VOD form. We've broken it down by segment for you to make viewing a little easier.

Segment 1
Moussaoui: Life or Death
What an unusual, intriguing way to start the show, with a discussion of the sentencing of Zacarias Moussaoui. Some strong feelings on this one, and that comes across.

Segment 2
Great American Boom
"The greatest story never told", indeed. The U.S., and most of the world, are in a boom. The panel discusses the effects of this worldwide boom on commodities, and debates the existence of a bubble therein.

Segment 3
Microsoft Vs. Google
Google has a strong hold on the Internet ad space, but Microsoft has announced plans to enter the industry and is on the offensive. Can Microsoft topple Google's momentum?

Segment 4
Commodity Bubble
Transports Moving Ahead

The discussion of the existence of a commodity bubble continues. Ron Insana joins the panel for a discussion of the source of the bull markets in commodities, and what to do with the Transports. Oh, and are these commodity prices inflationary?


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