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The Cody Blog: Finding Sleep and Commercializing 9/11

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Finding Sleep and Commercializing 9/11

Since I got back from my flyfishing trip (pics and stories coming in the next day or two...), I'd been having a terrible time sleeping. I thought it was just usual stress about work, etc, but last night I got home from teaching my first class of "The Valuation of Innovation" at Seton Hall at 9pm-ish and I fell onto my couch and woke up to a bad episode of Law & Order on the TV at 10:40ish. Sometimes I can't ever fall back asleep when I wake up so quickly from a night-time sleep, but I barely mustered the energy to get to my bed where I fell face first and didn't wake up til 7am this morning.

Ahh, sleep. Makes me think that maybe it's been this endless coverage and over-the-top media hype/commercialization of 9/11 that's been my biggest sleep deterrent of late.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on teaching your first class.

As far as sleep goes, a bit of a "course correction" here for the sleep deprived. This may be of some help for everyone .

First of all, it is unfortunate for us who enjoy a glass of wine or two at dinner. It can, and most likely, disrupt our sleep and keep us awake in the wee hours of the morning. For me it is around 3:00 am and my brain clicks on and won't shut down. Has something to do with alcohol and blood sugar. Not good for nightly digestion as well.

Through lots of experimentation, I found several natural products to be helpful for nervousness and a restful night of uninterrupted sleep.

For nerves and anxiety, Rescue Remedy is superb. A few squirts under the tongue and your biochemistry is positively altered in about 15 minutes. Second to that is Calms Forte tablets. A combo of both is for those really rough times.

For well needed sleep, 5-HTP, about 5 tablets can knock you down and help you to stay down. If you can find Nature Sunshine's Blue Vervain(4), you will feel really relaxed and have beautiful dreams. This is an herb. Another herb is Valerian Root, good but not as strong. Melatonin(4) is also excellent and helps with jet lag. My all time nightly favorite is (5) 1000mg calcium, magnesuim and zinc combo before bed. Relaxes the muscles too. Some can't do this cause the zinc can cause too many trips to the bathroom. All these products can be found at Whole Foods or any other well stocked heath food store or The Vitamin Shop. Make a point to always buy the best.

Last but not least, the ole caffeine thing that stays in your body for over 24 hours doesn't help with sleep and nerves.. Chamomille tea before bed and during the day calms the stomach and nerves. However a lovely tea by Triple Leaf Tea called Relaxing is a great combo of calming herbs. I find if I need to get cranked on some morning caffeine, it's OK as long as I don't drink it after 2:00 pm.

And last but not least, falling asleep with the television blaring some insanity seeping in to our subconscious is well, you can figure that one out. I 've made a point not to watch anything disturbing before bed.Gentle meditation CD's at bedtime have worked really well too. Sweet, sweet dreams Cody.

9/13/2006 12:42:00 PM  

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