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The Cody Blog: Channeling Positive Feedback

Monday, October 02, 2006

Channeling Positive Feedback

Got this email on Friday and it sure made my day heading into the weekend. I get a lot of very supportive email from readers — my only question is: Why not post it in the comments to counter the negativity there? I think the reason why is that the readers who reach out with positives want to make sure it doesn’t get lost in the comments. Anyway, I thought I’d share this one, and the author gave me permission to use her name to boot.

Dear Cody,

Hope all is well for you in New York ! I was looking at your new video today and I thought it looked very nice! You look and sound great. I am sorry to read so much "off" stuff on your blog this week...My letter to you earlier this week was a joke...You got that, right? Not interested in meeting you in the ring, only if I can buy you a drink whenever you are stranded in Dallas as promised in my first email to you:). But thank you for posting my blog about global warming. I hope others share in my passion and I hope you appreciated the sense of humor along with my message.

I must confess you are quite a trooper when it comes to all this criticism. The way you press on is impressive and I am learning from you how to be more like that....It is a good thing for me to remember your character and how you continue and not give up. That is the kind of thing that separates men from boys.. Anyway about your new video, for some reason your face on my Mac screen goes in and out in a bizarre pixel looking blur and then the video stopped halfway before you finished. Don't know if you know that or if it is just my compute screen r, but it did that on the last video too, just didn't stop halfway.

As I said you look great and I like when you are more poised. I am up for a television gig myself in Philadelphia and so I can understand having to be "on" and pulled together in front of a video. It is a lot to keep together...Take care, Cody..press on....Sincerely, Ellen Borlenghi

Thanks, Ellen. Press on — and ROCK ON!


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