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The Cody Blog: Return of the Zombies

Friday, January 20, 2006

Return of the Zombies

9:07pm -- "Ah, finally back home. Hunger. Exhaustion."

9:29pm -- "Hmm, I'm sick of answering emails...order food. Scooby snacks." Cottage NYC on Google brings up menupages.com (I don't have paper menus in my apt anymore, that site changed my life like that...). "Mmm, wonton soup, egg roll...what to have for a main course? Ah, just tell the lady taking the order to surprise me."

9:49pm -- Wonton soup, egg roll, sesame chicken. "Looks good."

10:00pm -- "Hmm, this Chinese food that got such great reviews on menupages.com and was suggested by my friend, Daniele -- well, it's too greasy. "

10:10pm -- "How can every single show on TV look, feel, and insult my intelligence the exact same way with its formulaic and obvious set ups, jokes, plots (when they bother with one). Did original ideas on TV peak with Andy Griffith and Dick Van Dyke? I always enjoy those flashback episodes from DVDyke. And, man, how hot was Mary Tyler Moore back in the day? Anyway, I can't wait for the revolutionary content from the masses made possible by the dot revolution to blow apart the formulas."

10:14pm -- "How ironic that I'm drinking an American beer, Sierra Nevada with this bad Chinese food."

11:00pm -- "Man, I am sick of reading the same ol, same ol' politically slanted, superficial, and oft-pointless mainstream media in this stack of magazines."

12:04am -- "Why aren't I sleepy yet? I thought I was tired."

12:17am -- "Man, this might be the first bad Paul Newman movie I've ever seen."

12:49am -- "Stop thinking about your job. Stop thinking about your job. Stop thinking about your job."

1:31am -- "Seriously, just go to bed already, Cody. Try it at least."

2:30am -- "Oh, come on! Sleep! You have such a crazy day ahead of you tomorrow. Video for TSC too, and your eyes are gonna be all puffy. What are you vain too, Cody? Ouch, man, don't be so harsh on yourself. Sleep, dammit. Sleep. Please!"

3:32am -- "Okay, forget it, just get up and do some work. Might as well be productive."

3:39am -- "Does this blog post count for work? No, not really. But it is productive."

3:51am -- "Sigh. Start NMF post. That's productive too, right?"

Been like this a lot the last few weeks. I'm thinking it's cuz I've been having some really bad dreams lately. And so my system doesn't want me to sleep, cuz sleep leads to dreams. Just have to deal. It is what it is.


Blogger Melissa said...

Read De re Metallica by Georgius Agrcola, translated by Herbert Clark Hoover and Lou Henry Hoover. You'll be sleeping like a baby in no time.

1/20/2006 07:26:00 PM  

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