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The Cody Blog: August 2005

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

On Flipping to 33

So for the first time in my life, I actually don't like the fact that the number of years I tell people that I've been alive is changing. 33. How the hell did I get to be 33? 33? Sigh.

Somehow that's makes me feel middle-aged or something. Not "young". 33.

As I've been thinking about age today, one interesting thing about my age right now is the broad range of ages of women that I've been dating. I've dated women spanning from 41 to 23 in the last year or so.

Last night I was out in that dreaded Meatpacking District talking business and fun stuff with a couple colleagues. I ended up chatting with a woman at Pasti's (which is a great place to eat, but it's sort of just way too mainstream for this mainstreamly overly cool area -- don't you just love the irony of how I keep bashing the Meatpacking District as being "too cool for it's own good", yet I keep ending up going out down there. LOL).

She claimed it was her birthday yesterday. I asked how old she was. She told me, of course, that I'm not supposed to ask a lady her age. Yeah, yeah, whatever. Anyway, later she slipped and mentioned that she'd turned...18. 18?!

I could be her dad, techically. Holy cow! I'm old! When I stayed in Austin in 2001, I dated a 19 year old. I was 29. That was a pretty big gap. How funny would it be to date an 18 year old at my age. From 41 to 18.

I used to tell coaches and teammates who'd ask me what my range on the hoops court was -- not 20', not 25'. No, no. I always told them: two court lengths!

33. Bummer.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Classic Example of Our Govt Failing at One of Jobs They're Actually Supposed to Do

Taken from the A1 article in the WSJ today, which didn't bother to note how outrageous it is that the way this guy got caught was when an employee pawned a frickin' company laptop:

Tangled Web
For Entrepreneur,
Online Drug Sales
Meant Fast Profits

FBI Gets Clues From a Laptop

August 30, 2005; Page A1

In a couple of weeks, Mr. Kolowich says, he had procured the anti-impotence pills from Tijuana, Mexico, where they could easily be obtained without a prescription. He started selling the pills to United Kingdom buyers on a rudimentary Web site, which later became known as WorldExpressRx.com.

Of course, I have no idea why the government is involved with the distribution and prescribing of medicine (tell me again where the Constitution lays out the right of the government to regulate medicine...), but regardless, IT IS ILLEGAL to sell these pills without a prescription. More to the point, he's circumventing and undercutting the property rights (in this case, patent rights) of the drug companies (of whom, of course, I am no fan!). Regardless, the people running these illegal Internet companies -- which are the root of much of the spam that is draining the developed world's producitivity -- are criminals, usually in more than these drug-circumventing ways (if I may extrapolate from the many cases when the regulators bother to catch these guys):

Eventually, Mr. Kolowich was arrested for importing and selling counterfeit drugs, mail fraud and money laundering.

But the amazing thing in this story is simply how they caught the guy:

Mr. Kolowich's fate took a turn when a former employee of his firm happened to pawn a laptop. Law-enforcement agents familiar with the case say a person hired by the pawn shop to do the routine cleaning of the computer's hard drive notified authorities after discovering images of pills and other WorldExpressRx.com documents. That triggered an FBI investigation. According to the criminal complaint, law-enforcement agents also made several undercover purchases from Mr. Kolowich's site.

I mean, what century are these regulators in? Do they not get the same 8023 spam emails a day begging them to click on a link that takes them straight to the criminal's site? How hard can it be to simply click and then go after the guys dealing this stuff? They had to get a call from a goober IT guy at some random pawn shop in order to get a clue?

Yeah, but thank goodness they gave me a ticket last month for not wearing my seatbelt. Thanks for protecting me, gubt!

Annan Continues to Push for Poverty and Starvation

We really do have to fight the UN to stop hunger. Through their central destruction of any self-sustaining capitalistic enterprises, including, say, farming, plumbing, food distribution, etc etc -- the UN and its many bureaucratic/crony agencies are undermining the prosperity that would otherwise flourish in places like, say, Zinder, Niger.

Africa cannot grow or be free on empty stomach
By Kofi Annan

Some sample quotes from the article (and I can't pass up the lede either, which somehow is supposed to make us feel like this bureaucrat who's pocketed millions of dollars while "serving the public" is really out there to help these people):

With a look I will never forget, she pleaded with the world to respond to her cry for help, not just today but in the months and years ahead."

Early on in his rambling, he underscores how helpless the UN is, though he's wrong that there's no silver bullet:

"We must address the problem of food security at its earliest stages, before suffering escalates. There is no silver bullet but there is much we can do."

There is a silver bullet. And it's called property rights. And capitalism. Fight for this, and fight against the destruction and death of the UN bureaucracies.

But, oh no, here's this "leader's" solution:

"First, better early warning analysis."

Whatever the hell that is. Most all of Africa is poverty-stricken and full of misery and death. Constantly. What warning?! It's been like this for my whole lifetime!

"Second, enough advance funding to allow governments, the UN and non-governmental organisations to take adequate preparatory measures and deploy personnel with greater speed."

Yeah, that's the ticket. Those crony UN and NGO and goverments need more power -- not less. I mean, clearly their track record speaks for itself, right? Sure. Millions needlessly die in Africa every year -- despite trillions in "aid" which flows into these bureaucratic and most often corrupt entities.

"Third, greater emphasis on prevention. Debt relief, increased aid and measures to make the international and regional trade systems more favourable to the poor can all help encourage local agricultural production."

Debt relief and increased aid? How in the hell does more debt relief and increased aid encourage local agricultural production. Property rights and capitalism encourage local production. Flooding a market and thereby undercutting any self-sustaining capitalist has the exact opposite effect. FLIP IT!!

"Fourth, a build-up of the region’s existing strengths and structures."

Uh, yeah. And the only way to do that is to allow the people who live there to thrive.

"Fifth, we must look in the mirror instead of pointing fingers."

Well, 1 out of 5 ain't bad, I guess.

For the sake of all the world's people -- let's stop these vicious cycles.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Little Brother Is Watching You -- In Action!

See, this is what I've been talking about and this is why I own the trademark to "Little Brother is Watching You":

Hunt perv
caught in a flash

Fone gives cops pic of subway suspect


Image from cell phone camera belonging to subway rider Thao Nguyen captures shot of man (below) she says leered at her and exposed himself aboard R train last week.

When a pervert exposed himself on a Manhattan subway last week, Thao Nguyen reached for her secret weapon - her camera phone.

I mean -- how perfect is this example! It's not just catching this guy on camera that's key. Don't overlook the importance of blogging and the democratization of the media:

Word of her campaign to nail the flasher raced through cyberspace, and more than 45,000 people had viewed the photographic evidence by last night.

In today's all-connected society, criminals just can't get away with crimes the way they used to. Cronies, corrupt politicians, and others are next! Let's go get 'em!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Radio Appearance Today

I'll be joining my main man, Aaron Task, on RealMoney Radio today around 2pm EST. Gonna talk Apple, iPod, the music revolution, and take calls from listeners. The show is syndicated around the US. You can also listen to it online by clicking here.

Keep on rockin' in the free world.

Private Property Is Always Key To Prosperity and Peace

Fascinating Op Ed in the WSJ this week by George Melloan which underscores so many of the points I try to make about private property's ramifications on societies.

Some of the highlights:

Individual Jews and Arabs [in the Middle East] have one common bond: For years they have been pawns in a political chess match, with only limited rights to what U.S. founding fathers held most dear, the ownership of property.

The Arabs of Gaza have even fewer rights. They are 1.3 million souls packed into this tiny enclave on the Mediterranean, with Israel on the north and east and Egypt to the south. Only a privileged few own land. Most of the others are trapped in a squalid welfare state operated by the United Nations.

The U.N. took on the Mideast as one of its first big projects after World War II and, unfortunately, has never left. After granting Israel statehood in 1948, the U.N. turned to the Arabs the Israelis had defeated in battle. Under Resolution 302, the General Assembly in 1949 created the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). Today, it is the largest U.N. bureaucracy, with 25,000 employees providing health care, schooling and social services to some 4 million Palestinians in 59 refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank and Gaza.

Indeed, it can be argued that the Israeli kibbutzim were the only form of communism that ever achieved economic success for any sustained period.

The ambiguities of property rights have been a source of strife in the Mideast for decades. Everyone fights over land, but nobody actually owns it.

Aside from the brilliant analysis of how the lack of private property laws are creating wars and death and destruction and horror and terror....

How about that fact that the single largest UN bureaucracy is the socialist provider to 59 refugee camps in the Middle East. Uh, you think the UN's incented to end the wars, the poverty and create self-sustaining capitalist infrastructure? NO THEY'RE NOT. The UN bureaucracies have a vested interest in keeping these people in poverty and dependent upon the UN.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Cody Hate

"if not, you did deserve to have your throat cut."

Wow, indeed. I mean, I get some rather nasty occassional hatemails (and posts on this site), but it's not every week that someone writes to tell me that I deserved to have my throat cut.

I'm not exactly a punch-puller, especially on this site, where there's no filter between what I type and what gets published (as opposed to my other outlets which are filtered by editors). And I do write some radical stuff, such as blasting both of the dominant political parties in this country.

So I know hatred comes with the territory. But it does strike me as strange that folks are choosing to send me hatemail and put up hate posts in regards to this particular subject.

Clearly, as others have noted in the comment sections of this site before -- these haters are the exception and not the rule. Regardless, as we say on the hoops court -- "You can't hang with me, haters."

P.S. I love the irony of an anonymous poster writing: "why did you delete your comments if you are so #*&%'d open-minded?

oh no - people dont think you have all the answers!!! hide!!!!"

Who's hiding, haters? My name's on everything I write.

P.P.S. Since I didn't delete that hate comment and that hater finishes it with: "ps (i bet you delete this one)" -- I'm just wondering what I win!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My House Guest From The Reservation

Wow, I had to delete hateful and angry comments about my French house guest (not to mention a few angry emails). Both were ad hominems -- for letting a stranger have a place to sleep?! Allow me to one-up my prior post then and we'll see if we can't really stir some feathers.

When I was 20, I lived in Albuquerque where I was attending the University of New Mexico. I lived at the time in a barrio-type neighborhood in a studio apartment next to the airport. I think I paid $350 a month for the place -- which wasn't cheap, my first place in a total horrid place was $270 a month.

One of my next door neighbors was a guy who'd just gotten out of prison (for what, I don't know) who lived with his girlfriend. As a funny aside, one time I gave them a ride somewhere and offered them each a piece of gum from a brand new big package of chewing gum. When I dropped them off, I reached for a piece of gum -- and found the pack empty! That explained why the guy suddenly had become unintelligible in the backseat as we drove along.

Anyway, one of my other neighbors was a family of Navajos who were trying to make a go of things outside of their reservation. One night my girlfriend at the time and I came back very late on a freezing cold night in ABQ (that dry desert cold in the winter can bite, though it's nothing like NYC's winters). Sitting on a bench in the apartment complex was this Indian woman wrapped in a blanket.

She stirred as we walked by, and opened her eyes. I greeted her with a nod, and she smiled back. "What are you doing out here?" I asked. "I thought I was supposed to meet my cousins tonight, but they're not here and it's freezing."

I asked her if she'd like to come into my place for some hot tea. She said sure. While we were in my place, I offered my gf if she'd want me to take her home. She said nah. So I had a La-Z boy recliner that I'd bought at a flea market and that lady slept in that chair that night, while my gf and I slept on the mattress that I had on the floor.

She left the next morning as my gf (who played volleyball for UNM) and I (who played hoops for UNM) left for an early morning of weights. She was very gracious and thankful of course, although I think she did feel quite uncomfortable when she saw the life-sized naked woman half covering herself in a shawl that my friend had painted on the wall.

I never saw her again. And, apparently, yes, get this angry people -- I lived to tell about it and it wasn't some scam!

Monday, August 22, 2005

My House Guest From France

I sometimes get hundreds of emails in a day, and often fall behind answering them all (though I do try!). I just found an email from a woman with whom I had one of the single strangest interactions of my life.

A few weeks back, I'd met my friend, James Altucher, out for a drink on a Wednesday night at the midtown W Hotel where he was staying. I've gone to this W Hotel before and it's a nice, mellow, relatively upscale place with lots of good looking 30-40ish folks.

James gets a phone call and walks off to take it. Just then I see this cute little dog and its owner in the lobby next to where I'm standing. I step over and say hi to the pretty woman who owns the dog and kneel down to pet the little guy. We strike up a conversation -- the woman and I, not the dog and I -- and James comes back and we invite her to have a drink with us, as we learn that she's just landed here for a six month job assignment from Paris (though she's from the South, surprisingly enough) and is supposed to stay at the W for a week until her apartment is ready.

It turns out that the W had overbooked and couldn't get her a room. So they had been calling hotels all over the city trying to find her a place to stay. They finally find her a couple places (she'd been waiting for hours, I guess) and James and I help her with her 39 bags all weighing approximately the weight of eight dead babies (wonder what actually was in those bags!) into a cab. She asks if either James or I would mind helping her to the next hotel, so, being the gentleman I am, I oblige.

At the next hotel, it turns out they're booked after all. This poor woman had left her apartment to move to NYC like 14 hours prior and is emotionally and physically exhausted. She's got tears in her eyes as she comes out of this hotel's lobby. I tell her, "Look, if the next place can't put you up, you could just crash at my apartment if you needed to." I, of course, didn't really think she'd ever take me up on such an offer under such circumstances, but I did mean it and she smiled in relief. So she calls the hotel that was supposedly open and they tell her they have rooms -- for $500 a night.

Such a rate's not terribly outrageous in NYC in the summer, but it ain't cheap neither. And she tells them on the phone that she's running her own business and that $500 is just too much. They tell her that's all they can offer. She politely says no (much to my surprise, I must say).

So then she turns to me and says, "Okay, where did you say you live?"

Well, as a matter of fact, I was actually scheduled to meet a woman for drinks at 11pm near Union Square, which is near to where I live. So I tell her both of those facts and she's like, "Okay, sounds fine. Let's go." LOL!

We cab it downtown to my place and I help her carry those 287 bags she has with her up to my apartment (using an elevator, of course, but it was still work, man!). I convince her to take my bed and let me sleep in my living room on my couch. I step into the bathroom to clean up from all this moving before my date (for which I was now late). By the time I come out of the bathroom five minutes later, she's already fast asleep in her clothes on my bed.

I go meet my friend for drinks, and get home late at like 1:30am or so. I sleep on the couch and wake up as I almost always do at about 5 or 6am (I don't even have an alarm clock in my apartment). She wakes up a little bit later and we have a cup of coffee and then each head off to some meetings. She later picked up all her 1,304 bags to go to her hotel.

I had her number, but hadn't gotten around to calling it. And here I am today just trying to catch up on all my emails and found one from her from the very next day, saying that she wanted to send me a gift. How nice.

Only in NYC?

Smoking Not Hot

Most want complete smoking ban
Daily Mail - UK - 4 hours ago
Most people want a smoking ban in all workplaces, according to a poll published today. They say new laws should apply without exception, according to the survey for Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) and Cancer Research UK. ...

Though the government is wrong for enforcing such a law in what's clearly a violation of the Constitution, how awesome is it that we don't have to sit in smoke-filled rooms anymore? Do you remember the stench of your clothes, your hair, and even your skin when you'd wake up after any night out with friends? It was horrid.

My first few years in NYC, I actually had two sections in my decidedly barren closet. Clothes for going out in -- and everything else.

That I don't enhale a bunch of poison whenever I meet friends out doesn't suck either. Too bad it took a violation of our rights as property owners to get us to this point.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

On Starting My Tenth Year in NYC

I've kept a journal off and on for years, though since I've been writing for a living, I haven't been writing much journal stuff. I knew it was close to my ninth anniversary of moving to NYC, and I pulled out the journal from back then to check the date. This is the last entry into that particular journal:

Aug 20, 1996

So this is it --

John D, Johnny S, and J Sho dropped me off. A beautiful last look at New Mexico. As I descended down the ramp to the plane, the full magnitude of what I'm doing hit me.

Holy Shit!
This is crazy.

I realize that I am leaving all facets of security behind. No friends, no home, no family, no lovers, nothing. A dream, though. Some money ($9000) in the bank. My brain, my body, my ability. I am so excited. I am going to make it. This is the culmination of so much.

The plane just started pulling away. My life starts now. I am making my life happen.

24 years old, well, 23 years and 354 days.

So much in this journal is about other people, but suddenly -- yes, it's true, it's just me. Oh what a feeling. So liberating, so desperately scary. It's all about me. Me, me, me. This is how life should be lived.

So I guess I'm going to say goodbye to New Mexico and hello to life. "Hello, life." "Hello, Cody Willard."

I'm gonna' rock this world!


Oh, man, I still have so much to do.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Black is the New Black

A few months ago, I'd noted that denim was the new black -- it's what was cool in NYC. Well, much like the Meatpacking District, which I'd noted is getting to be long in the tooth of its cool days, denim's not quite as cutting edge as it was in NYC even just a few months ago.

No, I'm thinking black is the new black again. Last night I met two beautiful, trendy women for dinner at one of their apartments and then we headed out to meet another friend for drinks. I was wearing some faded black (better to burn out, than to fade away) True Religion jeans, a black T shirt and a wrinkly, black pin stipe suit jacket. The two women I was with were -- without any prompting or pre-planning -- both in black dresses.

And, I gotta say -- the all black thing was pretty darn cool...partly because we were definitely in the minority out there last night. Black's not "in" right now. Yet, of course, that makes it "in". I'm telling ya', especially as we head into fall and winter -- black is the new black to close out 2005.

Don't get me wrong -- I'll still be wearing jeans with my black, but black is back.

P.S. I would have quoted AC/DC for this post -- but, how could I now that it simply conjures up images of a cell phone. Oh the humanity of selling out! Say it ain't so, Angus, oh, god of rock.

P.P.S. I'll be writing an article about investing for Realmoney.com that is all about how badly I messed up True Religion the stock.

P.P.P.S The two women went on to the very same Gansevoort Hotel in the very same Meatpacking district for yet more drinks last night at midnight -- but I had nothing left to give and headed home.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

All Clear for Socialist Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy back in vogue, but waste disposal a super-heated ...
Palm Beach Post, FL - Aug 14, 2005
... Last week, Bush signed into law a national energy policy that provides financial incentives and lawsuit protection for new nuclear power plants, which should ...

And it's a good thing this government follows the Constitution. After all, isn't it in the Bill of Rights that "cheap energy shall be provided by the Federal Government to all citizens"? Is that Bill #4 or 5? Or was it an amendment later on? I can't seem to find it.

All well, at least, if the government is going to unconstitutionally line a bunch of energy company who build nuclear power plants' pockets with my tax dollars -- at least the government's got such a great track record of keeping prices low and efficiently bringing things to market. ROFL. Yeah, right!

So, I'll just ask -- wouldn't a free market for energy probably be a great thing? And isn't it the "right" thing regardless?

And people wonder why I call Republicans what they are -- Socialists.

Monday, August 15, 2005

The Cody News (August 15, 2005)

Google's digital library suspended
People's Daily Online - 1 hour ago
The Google Print Library Project came to a halt on Aug. 12, American Eastern Time, amid charges of copyright violations. Started in last December, the project means to spend ten years in scanning more than ...
All content -- anything that can be digitized, which means anything ever recorded in any way, shape, or form -- is now subject to piracy and copyright issues galore. Talk about opening a can of worms -- Google's shaking things up. But they're wrong for shifting the responsibility to the copyright holder and from the copyright infringer (Google itself in this case).

Peter Jennings' death is reason to quit smoking
Houston Chronicle - 7 hours ago
Peter Jennings' death of lung cancer has startled a number of Americans smokers. Some already have quit the habit. Others are thinking about it. "It freaked me out," said Michele Ross, 39, of Chatsworth, Calif ...
And so are the millions upon millions of other people who died because they ignored the huge risks of smoking cigarettes. Get over it. Quit smoking already.

Washington Post
Rally targets `arrogant' judiciary
Chicago Tribune - 2 hours ago
NASHVILLE -- A group of conservative Christian speakers took aim Sunday at the power and decisions of the nation's judges, and especially the Supreme Court, using a "Justice Sunday II" telecast to denounce what House Majority Leader Tom DeLay called ...
Oh, gimme a break. I'm glad Dobson's trying to get people talking and thinking about the concept of a Supreme Court and all that -- but as one speaker put it "
The court is trying to "take the hearts and souls of our culture." Uh, sure. Right. Yeah, those nefarious judges!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Movie Theatres and Obesity

Why the heck don't these people who sue McDonald's and other fast food places for selling food portions that are too big -- why haven't they gone after the theatre industry? Have you they not seen the size of the cokes, the popcorn, and the candy in there? I mean, we're talking popcorn that's sold in buckets! Literally -- buckets.

And Supersized Cokes? Gimme a break, those sodas at the theatre are sold by the swimming pool -- not next to the swimming pool, but that's the unit of measurement. As in, "I'll have a medium pool of Sprite and a cord of popcorn."

Then there's that candy. How much candy can one person eat? "I'll have a couple miles' worth of Twizzlers, please."

And then the worker behind the counter hits you with, "Would you like to your popcorn swimming in artificial butter? And you can have an Olympic-sized pool of Sprite for just $1 more than the $18 you're paying for the three lifetimes' worth of sugar and/or carbs you've ordered so far."

And finally, though I have fundamental objections and will work to undermine such invasive and wrong-headed laws --- surely there's gotta be some laws that Spitzer and others could use to sue the theatres for marking up these goods so grossly. I mean, $10 for one serving each of soda, popcorn and candy? That ain't normal.

Heck, on that topic, aren't the actions of all the theatres which set the prices for movies at the same level illegal too? (Another invasive and wrong-headed law, btw, but a law nonetheless.)

Oh, what a can of worms (gummi, of course -- my favorite sugar candy) this post has turned out to be.

Monday, August 08, 2005

The Cody News (August 8, 2005)

How about The Cody News then? But -- today's is a special "Little Brother is Watching You (trademark, btw)" edition of R and R stemming from having noticed a recurring theme in the NY Times' National Briefing section this weekend:

ARKANSAS: REALLY REALITY TV Viewers of a late-night cable TV program in Fort Smith called the police late Thursday when they realized that instead of "Shopping Mania" they were hearing an attempted robbery. Two men were later arrested. Gary Spirito, who runs the auction "Shopping Mania" program out of a rented warehouse, said viewers heard the robbers off camera demanding the keys to a car after they invaded the building. Several viewers telephoned the police, and the robbers fled when officers arrived. (AP)
How cool! Of course, dollars to donuts I'd bet that "Shopping Mania" is on a public access channel -- which of course then begs the question of whether this is Little Brother Watching, or Big.

As an aside, as I once asked when the topic came up on CNBC: why is it that the private broadcasters like NBC and ABC don't have the right to show whatever they want -- tasteless, pornographic or otherwise -- but public access channels can show outright pornography. If you've ever flipped through the channels at 2am on a sleepless night, you've seen those advertisements for "escort" services and 900 numbers. Heck, taking this another level -- aren't those "escort services" actually hooker services, anyway? (Not that I'd know about that stuff...cranberry juice, anyone?)

But come on, so it's okay to not only show porn on public access but even to allow prostitution, a private enterprise that's supposedly illegal in this country (rights to do what you want with your own body be damned!), to advertise on public access channels?! What the heck kind of logic is this. Man, do I hate those bureuacratic law makers who've muddled such simple concepts so badly.

NORTH CAROLINA: CANDIDATE DROPS OUT A candidate for the Charlotte City Council dropped out of the race after it was disclosed that he had posted comments to a white supremacist Internet bulletin board more than 4,000 times. The candidate, Doug Hanks, said the postings on the site were fictional and were designed to win white supremacists' trust while he researched a novel he was writing. Mr. Hanks was seeking an at-large council seat as a Republican. The postings were spread over the past three years and were reported Thursday in The Rhinoceros Times, a weekly newspaper. (AP)
Wanna be racist and come to power? Not in this country, not in this age. Racism, as an institution, is dying.

GIFTS FROM LOBBYISTS Five lawmakers accepted lobbyist donations to their legal defense funds despite rules prohibiting such contributions, according to the Center for Public Integrity, a nonpartisan organization that conducts investigative research and reporting on public policy issues. The five are Senators Orrin G. Hatch, Republican of Utah, and Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada, and Representatives Tom DeLay, Republican of Texas, Henry J. Hyde, Republican of Illinois, and Jim McDermott, Democrat of Washington. Some of the money has been returned. Lawmakers can establish defense funds to help pay legal bills for ethics and criminal investigations or other legal matters including recounts. (AP)
Busted, punks! Let's all work to vote these hypocrites out in the next few decades, okay?

Those are just from Saturday's NY Times. I'll be back with a regular ol' fashioned R and R in the next couple days. Stay "tuned"...er logged in....er on the Net. Oh, hell -- how about....keep it real.